Thursday, September 15, 2005

I waited 2 years for THIS?

Advent Children? more like Advent ChildrOWNed, m i rite? Two days before launch, I've already downloaded the full DVD-Rip of Advent Children, my head full of anticipation, although I do not expect the movie going to have a spectacular story, I was hoping it would give me an experience long to be forgotten.

As usual, the first thing running in my head is thinking. The number of times my younger sister got annoyed at me for pausing, rewind, play and pausing gain. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I don't watch Advent Children blankly, I watched it while thinking about every scene I had set my eyes on.

I am here to criticize Advent Children, the main reason is because I am pissed at Square-Enix for giving me such a mediocre and mindless action movie after delaying it for 2 whole years. Although I could forgive Nomura's drought of ideas, but I simply cannot forgive the terrible, terrible plot, poor directing, mindless actions, absurd scenes and of course, that 'give Cloud a boost' scene.

The number of times I saw people loving Tifa vs Loz fight scene. Although I do agree the fighting is awesome, but the music does NOT fit the scene. That piano remix are more suitable for a fast, skilled, disciplined and graceful sword fighting, rather than brutish, raw and powerful hand-to- hand combat. They should have inserted a metal music there, but NO. Let them hear the awesome music Nobuo just remixed, screw the audience, they know nothing.

That one scene where Cloud fainted beside Tifa. That is the worst scene in Advent Children. EVER. Man, are they THAT desperate? The scene is useless, serves no purpose other than a few seconds filler. The music is BAD, and it definitely should not have been there in the first place.

The most flaws in Advent Children I've seen is in the Bahamut Fight. Apparently, Nomura focused on fanservice too much. He made Nanaki bite Bahamut Syn. GOSH, a dog biting a GIANT DRAGON. That must've hurt! Projectile attacks are useless, but did that stop them? No. Those kinds of attack isn't effective, but we're going to attack anyways! Haha, and the Bahamut itself isn't that smart, is it? It continues hovering low, exposing his head and body to attacks when he could freaking FLY and then attack with his beam or hit and run on the guys. And then Cloud came, the star makes a cool entrance and his comrades stopped fighting the beast, letting him fight alone. Wow. So much for being there.

After that, the Bahamut finally came to its senses and flew up, deciding to blow everything up to kingdom come, including Kadaj, Yazoo and Loz. Wow, smart move, Kadaj. You're ordering your summon to destroy the whole city even when you did not possess your "Mother" yet. And then, the lamest part of Advent Children: Boosting Cloud up scene. First of all, I do not mind they defy gravity in the movie, but that scene just killed any sense of gravity and the blow added at the final fight, but we'll get to that later.

Now Cloud jumped and his friends gave him a hand, boosting him up. Barret pulled Cloud, but yet Cloud goes up. Cid acted as a spring, so okay, Nanaki just grabbed Cloud and pushed him up, so he goes up faster. Sure. Then Yuffie came out of nowhere, and gave Cloud a fucking boost. Where the hell did she get the momentum to push him up? Then there's Vincent. He basically just jumped, grabbed Cloud's hand and say "Fly". If you thought those are absurd, read this. Tifa is on top of the railings. Yes. She got there first. How? Don't ask. Cloud needs people to boost him up, but Tifa just used the elevator. Pshhh.

That's not the end of it. Bahamut fires a beam so large, it could wipe a city like Midgar no problem. But whee, Cloud goes in it and came out unscathed. My god. And he proceeds to slashing the Bahamut, but then, one must wonder, what happened to the beam? Last I check Cloud got in, then got out. The hovering blue orb of doom is still intact and ready to blow. But where is it? Even with Barret's Big Shot he couldn't lag a normal beam's trajectory. What does having multiple guys with melee combat could do? So, I take it Nomura is fresh out of ideas again and make the beam magically disappear. But that's like saying if you kill a sniper when his bullet is in mid air, it (the bullet) will disappear the moment he died. Absurd and silly.

The Sephiroth fight. Hahaha, no I'm not going for the flying just yet. I'll save it for later blogging. We take the obvious ones. Kadaj is pissed, throw his "Mother", injected his "Mother"'s cells into him and whoa. He turned into Sephiroth. Now, that's acceptable, isn't it? Cool, as a matter of fact. BUt if you have eyes, you'd notice that his clothes also changes. And even crazier a 6-feet long Masamune appeared from thin air. Gosh.

There's a well of flaws I wanted to pour, but for now. This is it. You may leave comments to contest my thoughts. IF you got the balls for it. Flaming is acceptable, as long as you have something to contest. Hate mails go to gmanhuntgmailcom. That is all. Props to Lutherniel for putting this in his blog.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Rant v2.0

Haven't blogged for a reaaaaaaaaaaaally long time. And now, I shall rant to my heart content.

Lessee.... lately, almost everyone on my Y! Messenger list is currently emo displaying emo status message and all that. Is it the emo season or something? =/. Seeing those messages doesn't make me feel good at all.

I've been talking more recently. Maybe I've subconciously raised the level of my communication skill. I don't usually talk much which is a contrast to my internet personality. I talk more over the net than in real life. o_O. Maybe because it's easier for me to express myself thru text and all... or maybe its because I'm not a social person.... but anyway, it's all good.

The finals. Ahh yes. The final projects of the trimester due time are just arround the corner. For MDF, its a little bit confusing. I mean, they told us to do something original and unique. But then, they ask for a referrence for the artwork. o_O. If its original, how can there be a referrence?? At first they told us the whole artwork should be in black & white. But then they said we could use colors. o_O. At first they say we could do anything we want as long as its in the context of textures. But then they said the theme is Interior & Exterior! o_O. Then I cleared some things with Ms. Vimala and now I think I understand most of the things.... or at least I think I do.

The CG assignment for the comic strip. I don't really have any ideas for this one. I want to come up with something original. Right now I can't really brainstorm on the subject. =/

Math. Lets just say math is just not my thing. I failed almost everytime when I was in form 4 & 5. Miraculously, I didn't fail math during SPM. o_O. Thank God for that. I hope a miracle would happen this time too. I tried my best studying math but it just doesnt seem to work. I tend to forget the method and calculation and stuff during the exam. =/

Backstabbing / Talk bad behind people's back kind of people. I so hate them. I despise them. If they got something to say, why don't they talk face to face? Must they be such a pussy to talk bad and start rumours behind other people's back? Is it that fun to do? <_<

On another matter, a cat gave birth to a kitten under Emerson's bed. Yay.

Friday, July 08, 2005


I have no idea for a topic name so wtf. Been quite a while since I updated my blog and I still have no idea on what to write about so I'll just write as I write O_O.

I've made a lot of friends since the first class which I don't really expect in the beginning. I'm a kampung type person so I didn't think that I could fit in with the people here. I'm not the type that start a random conversation with people I don't really know or people I just got to know. But, as things goes on, the situation marinated really well I would say. I've many friends here, great seniors, the internet, a discussion board where I could have fun in it, and great lecturers that gives fun and interesting lectures ( most of them anyway ^_^) . Right now, I don't think I would want to go back home even if there's a long break.

I noticed that thing are getting busy arround here. Usually, at 5am in the morning, its really REALLY quiet as if there's no one at all. But now, I see there are people chatting, walking arround, do stuff as if its 8pm or something. I guess the assignments are really getting people busy now. TEH FEAR!!!1!!!111one.

There's something that bothers me though. Some of the muslims here (generally, malay) doesn't seem to care about prayers and stuffs which, I'm really sad about. I'm talking based on my analysis on the students here. Why? Because religion is something old and outdated lifestyle that are only practised in the old days? Because its tiring to do? Because it demands too much restriction on things? Which, led me to join the Usrah Institution to save myself.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

The First Week in MMU

Got into MMU. The whole oriention week was tiring. But overall, it ain't that bad. We get to work out after a period of long vacation to get back on our feet. The OC's that were in charge of the orientation were a cool bunch.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Nothing much to say. Just counting the days till I go to the university. Everyday, same stuff. Wake up, bath, prayer, breakfast, chores, pc, lunch, prayer, pc, prayer, pc, bath, dinner, prayer, pc, prayer, sleep. Kinda sound like a combo combination in a fighting game lol.

I'll be at the university on the 5th of June... 1 day after my fav best teacher wedding banquet. Too bad I can't go to her wedding banquet when I really want to (I don't usually go to these kind of stuff).

Tomorrow, my parents will be back and now I have to start packing my stuff as I have to leave the day after tomorrow.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Home Alone. w00t

Both my parents went to Egypt for a vacation for a week with their friends and left me and my older sister at home. My sister will be working throughout the day so I'll be alone at home. The good news is I could do my gfx studying peacefully without any interruption... besides phone calls. The bad news is I had to do all the chores that I don't usually do. :/

Anyway, recent encounters with japanese wannabes on message boards made me realise how annoying they could be. The mixed use of japanese words / suffix / slang and their regular language in their conversations somehow annoys me so. I find it really annoying when a manga or anime fanboy / girl do it. I was like "WTFLOL!? OMG LIEK, THEYR TRYIN TO BE JAPANESE!???". I don't really mind if it's used seldomly but when it's used EVERYTIME in EVERY POSTS, it becomes really damn annoying. The worst thing is, some of those are my friends. And some of them might be reading this. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!

Lastly, the swelling on my ears have gone. Yay.

Friday, May 20, 2005


Recently, my ears have this pain. Its kind of like a swelling. What makes it worse is that whenever I lie down, it gets much more painful which makes it difficult for me to sleep at night. -_-;; Everytime I sleep, I'll woke up like, about 1-2 hours after I sleep and when I woke up, the pain gets much stronger. Man.... it's really annoying. Sometimes I wish I could cut off my ears just to rid me of that pain. <_< Right now, the swelling got big enough to make my right ear kind of deaf. Damn. Hope that doesn't happen to my left ear.

The pain made me lose the concentration to do any gfx training today. So all I did today was surf arround my usual place on the net and laze arround the house.

Right now, I would offer anything I have to anyone who could make the swelling and the pain in my ears dissapear this instant. Yeah, I'm that desperate.

Ever heard of Weird Al Yankovich? I love every parody song that he come up with. The Titanic My Fart Will Go On parody. Man... it owns. Stuck My Weenie In Bottle. That one made me laugh like hell. Then again, it's kind of painful to hear. Made me imagine how painful would it be to get your weenie stuck in a bottle. o____o